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Waco, Tx YRE Group Walk

This event earned me my second stamp for the "College Campus Walk Program".

We met in the lobby of the Waco Hilton, the start of the YRE.

The walk leaves the Hilton and crosses the historic suspension bridge over the Brazos River.

We were walking on Martin Luther King day. These are wreaths placed as part of the celebration to be held in Waco.

We walked at our own pace and spread out along the route.

Carol and I made the aquaintance of Willard a club member from Temple.

This is the new science building which is still under construction.
The walk directions said to walk thru a fountain. There used to be a fountain here, but now it is just a piece of grass. I miss our fountain!

College Logo hung from light poles.

After the walk we went to eat at Buzzard Billy's.