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2003 DART & Walk Volksmarch

The DART walk started at Mockingbird Station. The walk is made up of 4 sections with a 5K section there at Mockingbird Station that goes to SMU campus. Then there is an Uptown section, a Downtown section, and the Dallas Zoo. We chose the SMU Campus and the Zoo. We had a great time.

Rose and Gene have already registered and are starting out on the SMU section. Linda McDonald and Nancy Christensen were working the registration table.

Jerry and Marvin the Mutt. Looking down from the start at the trains on the tracks.

Leaving the Dart Station we went down steps lined with a fountain. Wave fountain wasn't turned on when we went by.

Reading the inscriptions on the statues. There was one at each corner of the building. It had warmed up by the time we finished the SMU section, so we left our jackets in the car. Carol is purchasing her ticket to ride the DART.

Riding the escalator down to the trail level. Zoo start. We checked in and got our walk route.

Before we'd even started to walk Lenore spotted the Carousal. It was beautiful.

Lemar Bronze Elephant

Ocelot Tapir

Golden Eagles Giant Ant Eater


Giraffe Tiger


Randy and Marilyn Wallaby

Austin Walkers Cheeta

There were four Rhinos. One was too far back in its pen to get a shot of.

Big Horn Sheep are native to Texas Antelope

Camel Monkey

WartHog Wading Stream

Trying out the saddle.
Nice Aquarium with large Koi. Great kids viewing window. Kangaroos

Elephant Fountain. Carousal Again on the way out.

Checking out at the Zoo. Inside of the DART train.

Lyn and Elaine came up from San Antonio for this event. There were 8 other Texas Wanderers here also.