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Fontenelle Forest
Bellevue, Nebraska

The walk starts at the visitors center on the bluffs above the Missouri River.

Decoration in the visitors center.

The walk starts out on a boardwalk.

Sunrays shining through the trees.

Looking across the river toward Council Bluff, Iowa.

Looking down toward a pond from the trail.

The boardwalk has ended and we are headed down off the bluff on a dirt trail.

A bridge over the creek.

At the bottom of the bluff there is a railroad track you cross to get to the bottoms.

Cottonwood log.

A whole section of bark has fallen off a tree, makes for a nice path in an otherwise muddy area.

Looking across another pond back toward the bluff we'd come down.

Pretty cattails.

Some of the trail is overgrown with grass/weeds. You might want pants instead of shorts on this hike.

I have always called these water lilies, but the sign says they are American Lotus.

There is a lookout platform above this lake. We saw lots of fish as well as lotus blooms.

The lotus has water in the leaves. It glistened in the sunlight. Didn't come out well on film.

Heading back up the bluff.

Just one of the dozen or so deer we saw on the walk. We lost count after awhile.

The deer didn't run, so I took another picture.

Nice walkway at the visitor's center.

A picture hanging in the visitor's center.

Another picture hanging in the visitor's center.