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Fredericksburg, Texas
Memorial Event 2003

Registration inside St. Joseph's Hall.
Anna selling TVA items.

Memorial display of friends and volksmarchers we lost in 2003. There were twelve names on the board this year.

James & Amy Hudson from Mansfield, Tx
Picture taken at their first volksmarching event.
Picture Credit: Karl Kittinger
Large Teddy Bear outside one of the businesses along the walk route.

Horse and sleigh.

Pedestrian bridge.

Storm shelter built into the ground above the creek, with a gazebo on top.

Ed working check point #1. The 5K and 10K split here

Reed working check point #2

Crossing the creek on the way back into town.

Lyn and Elaine stamping Carol and Lenore's books at the finish table.

Lenore playing on the playground on the town square after the walk.