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Oak Cliff Volksmarch

This 11K walk started at Kidd Springs Park. Below are the volunteers manning the registration and start tables.

A volunteer explaining walking packets to a new volksmarcher, and Carol and Lenore waiting to get signed up.

Walkers headed out around the lake ahead of us and A single baby duckling.

Lenore crossing the bridge and posing in front of Ifs Ands & Butts a store in the arts district that claims it has the largest selection of glass bottled sodas of any shop in America.

Brooke, Gary and Heidi caught up wih us and a nice stone pavilian in the park.

Lenore trying out the slide and Brooke giving her a ride on the merry-go-round.

Checkpoint #1 was set up to do blood pressure checks as well as provide water and candy. A statue just outside.

We went inside the Methodist Medical Center for a bathroom break. These pretty flowers and fountain decorated the entrance.

Painting on the wall inside the hospital. Edith, Ed, Paul and Anna caught up to us as we returned to the walk route.

As we reached the golf course we passed this nice home. Our second checkpoint volunteers.

Another nice home, this one has a round castle like room. The second home belongs to Dallas Mayor, Laura Miller.

The log cabin is in the Mayor's backyard. And another nice home.

The walk finished up by cutting across the grass back to the finish. Lenore and Carol getting their free t-shirts.

After the walk we ate at Trejano's Tex-Mex Restaurant. This glass mural dates back to 1940. The strange building shown is in the town of Italy which is south of Dallas on I-35. Carol saw it on the way up, so we stopped for a closer look on the way back. It will be a restaurant and game room when it gets open.