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O P Schnabel Park
Volksmarch Event

Carol registering at the walk start. Start table manned by Pat and David.

Volksmarchers on the trail in front of us.

Walkers and volunteers at the 5K checkpoint. We took a wrong turn and luckily didn't have far to backtrack to get back on the 10K trail.

Walker in front of us going over some rough rocks.

We passed a small lake.

Volksmarchers on the trail.

A section of smooth rock.

A wooded section for variety.

10K Checkpoint. The walk route makes a loop and we will come back by here.

Walker crossing a dry creek.

Second checkpoint.

Another nice wooded area with large rocks.

Cliffs through the trees.

I climbed up the cliffs. Carol took the picture.

Carol zoomed in as much as the camera would allow.

View of the checkpoint as we came down a hill.

Route included a short section on city streets.

Nice Lion.

Back by the lake on the opposite side.

The end is in sight.

Finish Table.