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Temple YRE Volksmarch

Temple has a nice section of homes that reflect a variety of styles and time periods.

This one is new, but the castle style is wonderful.

Lenore enjoyed cooling off in some sprinklers.

The flowers are all blooming nicely.

Pretty bob-tailed cat.

Fancier brick home with pillars.

This Japanese-style home was built back in 1913.  It has 13 bedrooms (not superstitious), 8 baths, 4 fireplaces and a ballroom on the third floor.

This is an older home, but the flowers made it look very nice.

An older home with a historical marker.

We made a wrong turn and ended up going back by the cat's house.  The cat remembered being petted, and came back for more.

Lenore and I had a short foot race.  She won of course.

The pretty duck pond with fountain in Miller Park.

This cemetary was not visible when we did the walk in the spring.  It had a hedgerow.  Looks like they may be planning a new fence.

This rock home in old English style is my favorite.

Christ Episcopal Church with historical marker.  Church established in 1904.

Mural on the wall of a bank.

The walk goes by Amtrak ticket office/depot.  This engine is the checkpoint.  You don't have to climb it, just note the engine number on your start card.

This home build in 1907 by Mr & Mrs Ferguson.  Pa Ferguson was elected governor of Texas and Ma Ferguson was elected to take his place when he was impeached.  Ma Ferguson was the first woman governor of Texas.