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West Lake Volksmarch

Volunteers manning the registration table. Human arrow to get us going in the right direction.

The walk started out on a gravel trail with trees. Some early birds already on their way back in.

The trail went to cement and hills. More walkers on their way back in.

We left the trail and went to get a closer look at the longhorns.

This was checkpoint #1 and also #2. The trail at this point was lined by pretty trees.

Very nice area with rock lined stream. I stayed on the gravel trail. Carol and Lenore took the rocks along the water.

Ed and Anna were human arrows here to keep us going the right direction.

The trail meandered along the stream going back. This is a lovely area.

This gentleman had passed us twice before. He is now heading back out to do an additional 5K. The last loop was through a nice business area across this bridge.

A quick rest, and then we came to this nice fountain.

Another fountain. The first fountain was across from Chili's so we went back there after the walk. Lenore played while we waited to be served.

Playing in the fountain. We went to check out the garage sale in the parking garage across from the start.